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1. What is Uwanna?

Uwanna helps organize your event into a mobile application that you can distribute to participants and attendees quickly and easily.

2. What kind of events use Uwanna?

Uwanna is perfect for any type of event. From large corporate meetings to local street fairs, Uwanna can put all the information about your event onto the smartphones of your attendees.

3. What does it cost?

There's no cost to create a Uwanna event on your own. If you would like us to build your event for you, we charge $495 to complete the setup based on the information you provide us.

4. What features are available?

Uwanna event apps are powerful. They include unlimited event pages, unlimited agendas, tracks, and sessions, social media pages, parking and associated events information, maps, custom pages, and a powerful sponsorship platform so that you can include your sponsors in the app and give them prominent recognition.

5. How do I distribute my Uwanna event app?

Easy, just include the custom link in all of your marketing materials. Our partners get very creative when it comes to distributing their Uwanna app. Some include the link in the registration email confirmation, some print a barcode on the back of their tickets, and others add it to all of their print and social media promotions. When an attendee opens the link on their mobile phone, we invite them to add the app to their home screen.

6. Is the Uwanna app geo-fenced?

Yes! You can choose to have a forever version of the app that's available on your attendees' smartphones until the event is over. Or you can geo-fence your event so that it's only available for attendees when their on-site.

7. Can I see an example?

Sure, here's an example of the Uwanna mobile app for the upcoming Holiday Bowl in San Diego